Relieved to be finished, Amelie tossed the sponge back into the bucket of soap water and rinsed the car.  She stepped back and looked at the glinting Mercedes-Benz SLR 722 with a mixture of admiration and indifference.

Over her shoulder she could see Mr. Mannings come out the office.  Apparently, Mr. Mannings and her boss, Moonie, were college roommates, but haven’t kept in much contact over the years.  As he approached, Amelie could tell Mr. Mannings’ face looked sour.  Suddenly, the door bells clattered again and Moonie stuck his head out the door.

“And don’t think you need to come back!” he yelled.  His face was red.

Mr. Mannings waited until he got to his car to call back.

“Blow it out your ass, Moonie!”

He handed me a fifty dollar bill and winked at me.  “I’ll be back,” he said sternly and drove off.  I quickly pocketed the tip and went back into the office to ask what made Moonie slam the door so hard he cracked the glass.


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